The Buca di Beppo manager whose firing sparked a staff walkout and community outrage last October has opened his own restaurant and hired his former employees.

Fired in October, Restaurant Manager Opens His Own Place [AZ Central]
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  1. Kajj says:

    Congratulations, dude!

  2. I Love New Jersey says:

    I wish the guy great success.

  3. Rectilinear Propagation says:


    If the community has his back as much as the previous article said it did then he shouldn’t have too many problems getting business.

  4. MalcoveMagnesia says:

    next time I’m in Chandler (next door to Phoenix) I’m looking this place up…

  5. Quake 'n' Shake says:

    I live in Tempe. I’m seriously considering checking out his new place.

  6. Cant_stop_the_rock says:

    Were there more details about why he got fired in a previous article? This one just says an executive said he couldn’t work with him anymore.

    • Quake 'n' Shake says:

      @Cant_stop_the_rock: No. There have been only two articles about it: The one in October and yesterday’s. Busone will not talk about it, and I suspect that Buca can’t discuss it as a matter of corporate policy/confidentiality. The restaurant business is awfully sketchy. It’s possible that Busone deserved to be fired, but it’s also possible he didn’t.
      He’s not discussing it, which can be read one of two ways: He screwed up and knows it, or he’s too classy a guy to whine about it to the papers.
      Regardless, I think the loyalty of his employees is what says the most about the man, and thus I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

      • ChristopherDavis says:

        @Quake ‘n’ Shake: Yeah, my read is the same as yours; I suspect he’s not talking because he’s unwilling to badmouth an employer even after they’ve treated him badly.

        (The original article says he was there for eight years, and was fired just two months after Buca was bought by Planet Hollywood; corporate culture clash and/or “bring in my own guy” seems like the likely motivation.)

        • rhys1882 says:

          @ChristopherDavis: My guess would be he developed a large salary as a result of his long time employment and they were looking to slash costs on their new purchase. Bad move on their part. Corporations rarely learn that customer service is key.

  7. Haggie1 says:

    Newsflash: “Chain Restaurant Treats Employees Poorly”

  8. dwneylonsr says:

    I live almost next door to this place. Might just check it out tonight after work.

    see also: []

    • CumaeanSibyl says:

      @dwneylonsr: Do let us know how it was! I’m sure they’ll have new-restaurant teething problems, but it sounds like they’re all pretty dedicated.

  9. hewhoroams says:

    That’s a cool story, I hadn’t read it before. I didn’t really pick up on WHY he was fired, or was that sort of the point?

    If I’m ever in the area I’ll stop in as well.

  10. Skankingmike says:

    My current manager was hastily removed from a store in which 75% of the store either put in for transfers or quit. (I followed him as he puts up with my school schedule which is crazy)

    He is now in the top 15 stores in the country 2 years in a row.

    Sometimes corporate doesn’t know it’s ass from a hole in a wall.

  11. axiomatic says:

    I hope Bucco’s fails miserably. Especially after they censored all of the statues and pictures of Michangelos “David” when the local bible thumping crowd complained about “Davids” penis being on display in all its stone glory.

    When you censor art citing religious reasons from a piece of art created for religious character “”David”, of David and Goliath” you have hit the hypocrisy sauce hard!

    • Lincolnsbeard33 says:

      @axiomatic: I had not heard of that. Funny though wasn’t Michalangelos David commissioned by the church?

      • axiomatic says:

        @Lincolnsbeard33: It was! That’s why the hypocrisy is killing me! ;-)

        Check it out if you like:
        Buca di Beppo
        5192 Buffalo Speedway
        Houston, TX 77005
        (713) 665-2822

        There should be a fake fig leaf on the statue of “David” out front and fig leaf stickers on about 30 or so “David” pictures I saw in the restaurant.

        The big deal seems to be that they are pretty much across the street from Lakewood Church with that Joel Osteen leading the way… (vomit)

      • Quake 'n' Shake says:

        @Lincolnsbeard33: Yeah, but I got 50 bucks that says it wasn’t Roman Catholics who objected to the David going full monty.

    • dangermike says:

      @axiomatic: That’s humorous. But I would offer up the the (poor) quality of food they serve as being far more outrageous and deserving of a boycott. I mean, really, I had gnocchi that seemed to have been prepared from the tepid remains of a play-doh fun factory. And don’t even get me started on the prosciutto topped salad. Meat should never be crunchy. Especially when it is specifically a cold cured delicacy. Yeah, if I were looking to smite out unholiness, I would start with what’s behind the kitchen door, not what’s hanging next to it.

  12. axiomatic says:

    forgot to state that the censored the “David” statues in the Houston, TX location… sorry peeps… I got interrupted at work while writing the original reply..

  13. trujunglist says:

    I really hope that they do well, but I also hope that it’s kind of like The Office, because it seems kind of Office-like.