Are You A Pro-Sumer? Let Bill Quain, PhD, Show You How!

Amway! There, we just saved you the trouble of reading Pro-Sumer Power!, Bill Quain’s riveting get-rich-quick book from 2000, which Alan Scherstuhl found in a thrift store recently and recaps for your amusement over at the Village Voice. You see, producers make money. Consumers spend money. And Pro-sumers make money while they spend. Still not clear? You’re a banana when you should be some sort of banana-gorilla hybrid.

You remain confused? Let this handy chart from the book blow your mind:

Although Bill Quain, PhD, doesn’t use the word Quixtar in his end-of-book sales pitch, Scherstuhl points out that his other book is called The Quixtar Price Is Right. (Quixtar is Amway’s new name.)

Even if you already know better than to fall for the stupidity that is Bill Quain’s book, you’ll probably find Scherstuhl’s review of it entertaining:

In all of Pro-Sumer Power!, the first book I’ve ever wanted to punch in the crotch, there is but one flicker of genuine inspiration, and that’s right there in the title. Apparently, we’re now free to swap prefixes and root-words as we please. After pro-suming, who’s up for a ride on a circum-cycle with an para-hobo?

“Inspirational Business Writing Hits A New Low with Studies in Crap and Pro-Sumer Power!” [Village Voice]

Bill Quain, PhD

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