How To Save At An Amusement Park

For those of us thinking about hitting an amusement park this year, Smart Money has some suggestions for how to save some money including:

* Visit on weekdays
* Buy online
* Stick to one park
* Arrive late in the day
* Clip coupons
* Get a season pass
* Check your wallet (Employers, banks, professional organizations and clubs may offer discounts or specially-priced tickets.)

Better yet, if you’re looking to save some really big money, you can follow three simple tips: go at an off-peak time, be flexible (in time, travel arrangements, etc.), and shop around.

Sure, hitting an amusement park is great fun. But hitting an amusement park while saving money is an absolute blast!

Oh, and be sure to put it all your vacation charges on your cash back credit card (as long as you can pay it off right away.) Doing so will earn you a good 2% back on your spending. For a $2,000 vacation, that’s $40. Not bad at all.

7 Ways to Save at an Amusement Park [Smart Money]

(Photo: chickee510)