Sprint Employee Changes Customer's Name To "Pain In The A$$"?

Update: Some of our readers who are Sprint customers say they don’t think the screenshots are legit. We asked Sprint for an opinion, and they responded, “We had noticed the post on sprintusers.com earlier today and are tracking down the answer. I’ll get back to you asap.” We’ll post further updates when they arrive.

Over on the the SprintUsers forum, a user posted screenshots from his account page that show the result of a recent chat with a Sprint CSR. “I guess the last rep I talked to didn’t like that I complained about my phone dying and them taking weeks to sort it out,” he writes.

We don’t know, maybe the OP has a name that someone at Sprint didn’t hear correctly, like Clay Pendergrass, or Raymond DeBlass, or Payton Morass.

Whatever his real name is, he adds that a Sprint customer service supervisor has called him and assured him that they’re investigating it—”The supervisor… told me that they are digging through their DB to find out who made the change.” As of this afternoon the name-changer remains a mystery to SprintUsers readers and to us, but we’ll post a follow-up if anything comes to light.

“A Lesson in Customer Service” [SprintUsers] (Thanks to Anon!)

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