KIller Flashlight Requires Goggles And Protective Clothing

Reading the title of this post, you may think, “well, evidently this is some kind of special industrial flashlight. Or maybe an experimental nuclear flashlight. No one would be stupid enough to put a warning like that on a regular consumer flashlight.” You should know better.

Mike ordered this tiny light, which looks smaller than the average adult’s finger, and he writes:

I ordered a small LED flashlight – powered by a single AA battery. Imagine my surprise when I received it and saw the product warning on the package. Apparently it was coated with lead from Chinese paint. Fortunately, I am not planning on any children. And they didn’t even enclose any operating instructions.

Mmm, lead. Here’s the text from the package, by the way:

Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles when using this product. Before using this product, the user should read the operating instructions to understand everything about this product. Normal everyday use of this product is likely to expose the user to dust and microscopic particles containing lead and other chemicals known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. Always wear the appropriate clothing and safety equipment when operating this product. Wash hand [sic] thoroughly after the use and handling of this product.

How about I do you one better and I just don’t buy the killer flashlight?

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