Dirty Credit Report Scuttles Job Prospects

Dan Denton was about to get a much-needed job. Then the recruiters saw his blemished credit report and took away their offer.

They saw overdue card payments, an upcoming foreclosure, and that he and his wife had filed for bankruptcy protection, and got scared off.

“Of course your credit’s going to look bad when you’ve been unemployed for months,” said Denton. Screening job applicants’ credit report is legal. It gets disclosed on the application form and requires a signature from the applicant. Seems odd to reject people just because they have bad credit. If anything, you think that would make them better employees because obviously they’re more desperate to hang on to their jobs!

For tips on cleaning up your credit, this post is a good place to start. And don’t forget to figure out the reason codes!

Trapped: It’s hard to get a job if your credit is bad [LAT] (Thanks to TheObserver!) (Photo: Jeremy_Schultz)