Spam Starts New Ad Campaign Today – Not Via Unsolicited E-mail

Spam. It’s cheap, it’s versatile, and I’ve been told that some people even find it edible. Sales of all canned food, including canned meat, are up in the recession, and Hormel’s new strategy is to promote Spam as something different for people to rotate into their monotonous meal plans.

It’s not like there’s a shortage of Spam cookbooks out there as it is, but Hormel is offering exciting new uses for the stuff.

Sales of canned foods, especially canned meat, have been rising in the recession as people limit their food spending because they usually cost less than fresh fruits, vegetables or meat, said Marcia Mogelonsky, an analyst with research firm Mintel.

“They’re an alternative to just eggs or a sandwich or whatever,” she said. “It extends a meal. It adds a protein.”

This year, the campaign focuses on customers who may be having trouble coming up with ideas for new meals each night, said Dan Goldman, senior product manager for the Spam family of products. Hormel is suggesting easy updates – like including Spam in pasta dishes – that offer uniqueness, he said.

Uniqueness. Yeah. That’s the word I’d use.

New ads present Spam as spark for lively meals [AOL News/AP]

(Photo: catastrophegirl)