No Charges In Case Of Utility Freezing 93-Year-Old To Death

No charges will be filed in the case of a 93-year old Michigan man who froze to death after the utility company put a malfunctioning electricity limiter on his house.

The limiter deprived the house of enough juice to run the furnace and he died of the cold. CNN reports:

The prosecutor acknowledged one could reasonably argue that many people were at fault, but he said he lacked evidence to prove gross, criminal negligence including an intent to cause harm.

New evidence suggested that the man had Alzheimer’s and though he had enough cash to pay his bills, as evidenced by the money stapled to them lying around the house, he forgot to pay them due to his deteriorating mental state. There were also instructions on how to restart the limiter sitting on the man’s counter.

A needless tragedy that could have been averted had anyone come to visit the poor guy more often.

No charges in Michigan man’s freezing death [CNN]
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