Move To Japan So You Can Drink Veggie Pepsi, Or Green Tea Coke

Two new cola taste sensations are set to hit the vending machines of Japan, and no, you can’t either. They’re Green Tea Coke and Shiso-flavored Pepsi. Who in the what now?

Shiso is a minty green herb popular for flavoring stuff in Japan, and, apparently, gives a nuclear green color in extract form. The offerings are not unusual for Japan where vending machines are stuffed with wacky and exotic snacks and vendors must constantly roll out crazy concoctions to stay competitive in the Japanese marketplace, where fads can literally start, explode into a national fever, and become completely forgotten within an hour.

Green tea Coca Cola to debut in Japan [AP]
Shiso Pepsi Japan Exclusive Flavor! [A Rinkya Blog]

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