Circuit City Sends Rebate Check One Year After Purchase

Jan bought a keyboard from Circuit City last year. Since then, the company filed Chapter 11, the stores liquidated and closed, and another company bought the name. But last week, Jan finally-FINALLY-received her rebate check. Now she wants to know: is cashing this thing a good idea?

I got a rebate check from Circuit City this week a YEAR after the rebate application was submitted. I remember last fall when checks were bouncing even though there was supposed to be a cash pot to cover them (which I guess was used for other things). I pretty much gave up on the $30 refund for a new keyboard from Microsoft-and it is still in the box because shortly after purchase, my whole computer died (don’t get me started on that piece of junk from Dell and their rebate still missing, too and the extended warranty that was never honored).

So my question is-should I cash the Circuit City refund check? If it bounces, I am out $37 fee from the bank and the $30 from the check. I could really use the cash now that hubby is no longer working (former GM employee). So what ya think I should do here? Trust it’s a good check? Sell the unused keyboard? Or run away screaming?

Selling the keyboard probably isn’t a bad idea if Jan doesn’t intend to use it. I recommend looking carefully at the check. It’s probably from Circuit City’s rebate processor, and not from the defunct company itself, so it should be a good check.

Have any other readers received severely late rebate checks and deposited or cashed them? Were they good?

(Photo: hanapbuhay)

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