2.5% Online Savings Accounts At Ally Bank (The Rebirth Of Gmac)

Even though GMAC spun off from GM years ago, they recently changed their name to “Ally” in a re-branding, stain-of-association-removing effort. Their whole game seems to be a USAA for civilians, advertising “No minimum deposits. No fees. No min balance. No sneaky discalimers.” Ally Bank is also offering very juicy APYs, like 2.25% for an online savings account, more than double the national average…

One unique product they have is a no penalty for early withdrawal 9-month CD at 2.5%. Bargaineering gives them a thumbs up. And they must be doing something right, because the American Bankers Association – the same guys who protested the CARD act – sent them a letter (PDF) saying “pretty please don’t offer consumers such high interest rates it’s not fair to actually have competition.” (Ally Bank’s rebuttal (PDF) also makes for a fun read).

Ally [Official Site]
Ally Bank Review [Bargaineering]

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