Movie Theater Pays $10,000 Damages In Snack Search Lawsuit

What ruins your movie-going experience more than being searched for surreptitious snacks? Having your mom discover that you’re taking birth control pills when movie theater employees go through your purse.

This happened to a family in Montreal, Canada, and their solution was to sue the theater for $60,000 (54,942.86 USD)

Staff at the theatre were searching customers’ bags for video equipment that could be used for movie piracy.

Security guards didn’t find any video equipment in the family’s bags, but did turn up a large selection of snack food, which they asked the family to take back to their vehicle, Lurie said.

The judge in the case ruled that theaters are within their rights to search customers’ bags, but only if the policy is made clear at the time customers buy their tickets. The family received $10,000 ($9,162 USD) in damages for the violation of their privacy.

Cinema ordered to pay $10K in damages for search [CTV] (Thanks, Chester!)

(Photo: erin_m)