Cessna Goes On The Defensive

This isn’t a good time to be in the aviation industry. And not just commercial airlines. Corporate airplanes became a symbol of corporate excess and fatcat arrogance during the economic meltdown. So what are companies like Cessna to do? An ad campaign defending business aviation.

They have all sorts of helpful articles and statistics. Check out this tidbit on the front page:

Shame on those who suggest that business aviation is little more than a corporate frivolity. Focusing on facts over hyperbole, it’s glaringly apparent why you fly. Study after study shows companies operating business aircraft outperform competitors that don’t. It’s simply about availing yourself of the tools to do your job.

Well, yeah, or the companies that perform better are the ones who can afford corporate planes.

Rise to the Challenge [Cessna] (Thanks, Adam!)

(Photo: elsie) (This is Consumerist’s corporate plane.)

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