Oprah and KFC's Free Grilled Chicken Promotion: What Went Wrong

Emily in Chicago (Oprah Central) wondered why none of the restaurants she visited were participating in the KFC grilled chicken promotion. Readers across the country have reported franchises not cooperating, long waits, and chicken outages. She got an unofficial answer from someone in management.

According to her source,

What’s happening is that the franchised stores are not being reimbursed for the coupons. I was told that Oprah is backing corporate for the costs of the free chicken; franchise stores, if they participate at all, are simply giving away food and losing the money.

This is the third KFC I’ve checked in the city, and the third with signs stating their lack of participation. It was apparently poorly planned on corporate’s part. This particular manager didn’t even know of the promotion beforehand, but she’s working to find a compromise, such as a day where the specific store will accept the coupon.

Maybe KFC should have called Quiznos for advice before planning a massive giveaway without reimbursing franchise owners.

UPDATE: An admin on the Oprah.com messageboards (yes, there are Oprah.com messageboards) posted a contact address for coupon issues.

Please email KFC.PublicRelations@KFC.com with any problems concerning your KFC coupon.

Thank you,
-HarpoBear, Oprah.com Community Producer

Check out these signs from DB in Dallas and Casey in South Carolina. I give creative spelling bonus points.

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Some KFCs Are Already Out Of Free Chicken

(Photo: Morton Fox)

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