On The Border Asks: Do You Love Me?

Um, we’re a little sketched out by a survey question from the Mexican restaurant On The Border asking customers to agree or disagree with the statement: “I love On The Border.” Sure, sometimes we LOVE Mexican food, but we don’t really love any restaurant. It’s just too large a step to take with an eatery, you know? Reader Max is equally confused…

He writes:

My girlfriend and I recently dined at On The Border, and the server informed us of a contest they had going, to get more survey responders than another local OTB. However, the survey itself uses some odd language.

Another question was “I love the location of this On The Border,” to which I had to choose ‘neither agree nor disagree.’

I understand that surveys can’t help embellishing their company, but this is a little off-putting.

Slow down, On The Border. We’re much more inclined to first, say, like one of your restaurants. Or maybe you’re cleverer than we think and the question is designed to weed out el desperados.

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