Bank Of America Refunds $315 In Overdraft Fees Thanks To EECB

Ryan convinced Bank of America to drop their demand for $315 from nine overdraft fees by sending a well-crafted Executive Email Carpet Bomb. Ryan admitted that he was wrong to expect his checks to clear so quickly, but gently reminded the bank that nine overdraft fees was excessive, and explained that he would consider taking his business elsewhere if they thought this was an acceptable way to treat a long-time customer. Two days later, the fees were gone.

Ryan sent the following to the members of Bank of America’s board:

Good Morning,

My name is [redacted], and I have been a loyal Bank of America customer for many years now. In fact, I opened my first checking account with Fleet Bank, which as you know, now has become part of the Bank of America family and has been for some time.

I have always been a great proponent of Bank of America. It seems no matter where I am, both in-country and abroad at times, there is always a Bank of America somewhere nearby for all my banking needs. The customer service at the branches has been exemplary most times, with a knowledgeable and helpful staff on hand.

Recently, upon logging into the Bank of America website, I have discovered I have a total of nine over draft penalties incurred on my checking account. While I generally accept one or two overdraft fees can be the fault of the customer, I fail to see how nine overdraft fees resulting in $315 being deducted from my account can be seen as acceptable.

I am switching jobs in June, and need to setup a new direct deposit for a checking account. I would hate to have to close my account with Bank of America and move it to a competitor. I really enjoy your online banking system and the responsiveness and amiability of your staff and do not wish to discontinue my service with you.

I hope you understand I simply cannot afford to lose this $315, and I hope you feel like you cannot afford to lose a loyal customer.

Thank you for your time.

He later added:

This was sent Wednesday, May20, 2009. Today, May 22, 2009, I received a phone call from Nancy Condos with Ken Lewis’ office. She said she was going to refund all nine over draft fees, as well as let me know why these fees occurred. She was professional , courteous, and very respectful. All in all, the conversation lasted maybe four minutes, and upon logging into my BoA account I see a credit for $315.

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