Debt Collectors Will Stop Calling If You Sue Them

Litigant Alert” from WebRecon promises to help debt collection companies ferret out “overly-litigious debtors” with “a history of suing collection agencies.” It’s basically a Do Not Call list of troublemakers who had the nerve to fight aggressive collection practices with the law. Debt collectors are apparently willing to pay $1,595 to figure out who they should leave alone.

America is truly the land of opportunity – here a collection agency owner figured out this was a better business model to service other collectors rather than having his own collection agency.

So, if you sue a collector you might just make it on Webrecon’s database. Not a bad thing.

Remember, if you are dealing with abusive debt collectors who are leaving illegal voice mails, calling third parties, or suing you, contact us as we have special free reports for you to provide you with the more knowledge so you can determine if you want to sue the collector. And make Webrecon’s list….

Lawsuits are best reserved for abusive debt collectors who violate the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act, and are not an alternative to paying off your debt. If you’re struggling with debt, read our guide to get back on the path to fiscal solvency.

One Benefit Of Suing Debt Collectors – They Tend To Not Want To Talk To You Again… [Alabama Consumer Law Blog]

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