Ordered From ProFlowers.com? Check Your Statements For Easy Saver

Mark has been taking a closer look at his finances and discovered a recurring monthly charge from some company called Easy Saver (easysaverrewards.com). He’s not sure where he supposedly signed up for the service, but his online search revealed a potential connection that he thinks others might want know about.

He writes,

17 months ago I made a purchase on ProFlowers.com. I do recall that I was offered a number of other services after the completion, all of which I declined. I did not receive any email or other communication regarding any of these other services.

Recently, in an effort to get more control over my spending, I have been entering all of my transactions into Quicken. I noticed a repeating charge to a company called “Easy Saver” for $14.95 once a month. Not recognizing the company name I entered it into Google. Immediately I noticed a large number of hits complaining about a similar unauthorized charge after purchasing from ProFlowers.com.

I have called the number listed for Easy Saver, 1-800-355-1837, and requested a full refund. They agreed without a struggle, honestly it was too easy. I have been told that it will take 7-10 days for the refund of the first 15 payments, the other two will be via mailed check. I will follow-up with my experience after I receive this refund, but felt it pertinent to inform your readers of this potential scam.

Update: Mark wrote back in to address the suggestion in the comments below that he signed up for a free shipping offer. He says no.

I did not receive any rebate on shipping. I do specifically remember this offer but did not sign up for it. Easy Saver was unable to show any record of my having received benefit and therefore agreed to a full refund.

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