Make Jewelry From Your Discarded Credit Cards

Sure, you could cut up your credit and debit cards and throw them away once they’re closed, expired, or the account number has been stolen in a massive data breach. Or, with a few simple tools, you could re-purpose them into lovely pieces of jewelry.

For a bracelet, you’ll need a credit card (of course), scissors, wire jump rings, a clasp, needle-nose pliers, and an electric drill with a narrow bit. You can probably scavenge some of these from broken pieces of jewelry you already have.

The site’s commentary on credit card use is particularly amusing:

Credit cards are based on the obsolete premise that in the future you’ll have more money than you have today. In the current economy, using credit cards to rack up high-interest debt is the world’s dumbest idea. The time has come to throw that credit card away…

…Or turn it into something else entirely!

How to Make a Credit-Card Bracelet [Scavenging]

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