Customer Drops Off Car At Dealership For Repairs, Gets Tires And Wheels Stolen Instead

Before you drop off your car at your local dealership for any sort of repairs, make sure you’re clear on the chain of liability should anything happen to it—especially right now, when dealerships can barely afford those flappy air things, much less tires. A woman in Charlotte, NC was left with around $1,000 in damages when the tires and wheels were stolen from the 2005 Audi she’d left with the dealership over the weekend.

According to the Charlotte Observer, she left the car on a Friday to have its window and trunk repaired. On Monday morning, the dealer informed her that the tires and wheels had gone missing. The general manager of the dealership says his insurance policy won’t cover theft of that sort, and it’s up to the customer to pay for any damages. A competitor tells the paper that his policy also holds the customer responsible for lost or stolen property, but that he would have at least helped the woman by paying for part of the replacement costs. The bottom line: find out who is responsible for what before you leave the lot, so you’re not surprised if something bad happens.

“Customer must pay for theft of tires, wheels” [Charlotte Observer] (Thanks to Michael!)
(Photo: TheTruthAbout…)

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