Don't Be Alarmed By Zombie American Express Bills

A system error at American Express led to their computers kicking out bills with $0.00 balances for accounts that were long ago closed…or never activated in the first place. If you receive one, don’t be alarmed. Annoyed, maybe.

Erik received one, even though he had never activated his corporate card:

I just got an AMEX bill for a card that 1) I never activated (it was a corporate card, and I was not about to give credit card reward points to one of the most evil companies on the planet) and 2) customer service said the account was closed in July 2007, which is funny, cause it was never opened. The customer service rep said there was a system error that lead to some canceled cards getting bills for 0.00, so other former card holders might get some similar, but there is no need to panic. Other than panic about how much AMEX sucks.

There you have it! Don’t panic. Keep calm and carry on. And hope that your former addresses aren’t receiving zombie statements.

(Photo: apesara)

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