Study Shows Mortuaries Vary Widely In Pricing

A non-profit group recently surveyed the prices at 49 different mortuaries and crematoriums in San Diego, and found that “prices vary widely, with some mortuaries charging nearly twice as much as others for similar combinations of services.” Although the study focuses on one city, it’s a good reminder that you should check around and not assume that pricing is consistent throughout the industry.

Although costs have gone up over the past few years, the director of the non-profit points out that you shouldn’t just compare prices on the list. You should also compare package deals, which are usually cheaper than purchasing services a la carte. (Is there a worse use of “a la carte” than when discussing burial options?)

You can download the price survey (PDF) at the San Diego Memorial Society website.

“Mortuary survey shows wide price variations” []

“Save Money On A Funeral”
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