JetAmerica, SkyBus Reborn?

Jet America, the second coming of SkyBus?* [Jaunted] (Thanks to Jaspreet!)
*An extremely short-lived, Ryanair-style American airline.


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  1. Yankees368 says:

    Ugh, not this again.
    I am currently in Lansing, and this whole thing has been a mess. They first started advertising as Air Azul, but changed names to Jet America, so not to be confused with jetBlue (azul = blue). They took reservations, and then all of a sudden, vanished and refunded tickets. Bye!

    Then the Lansing Airport puts up a banner for Jet America, with no other info. What a mess this is. I predict they will be gone in a matter of months, ala SkyBus.

  2. Snarkysnake says:

    The swami sez…

    If these guys do get this thing off the ground,they will meet the same fate as Skybus UNLESS they have some game changing,better mousetrap business model.

    If this is just the same old,same old; cheap tickets with a ton of fees and no service to speak of,that model is really getting past its “sell by” date.

    Remember,dear travelers,if you book a ticket and they goTango Uniform while you are on vacation,you may be at Aunt Berties longer than you planned.

    Move along,nothing to see here…

  3. RogerTheAlien says:

    I consider myself a relatively well-versed flyer, and I’ve never heard of either of these airlines. Are they really THAT fleeting, or am I just not geographically inclined 0 in CA and DC – to know who they are?

  4. dclamster says:

    I’m from Columbus, and I miss SkyBus. It was amazing to get such cheap tickets, and whenever they opened in a new city, it was like a Chanukah gift. Unfortunately, the high gas prices got them about a year ago.

    I wish they could come back, but alas…I am a realist.

  5. arbitraryhandle says:

    Skybus was pushed by our local politicians and taxpayers suffered a significant loss of investment. Yet, those very same politicians were supported financially by the various investment partners in the firm.

    Looks like the good people of Cbus are in for round 2. Wide eyed and mouth breathing, the electorate will probably fall for this too.

  6. neekap says:

    I’ll pass. As a Columbus resident I will say that I never flew SkyBus but I knew of those who have and they didn’t really have anything extraordinary to say about it.

    We kept hearing how much SkyBus was going to change the local economic environment, yet failed to deliver in their short life.

    Cheap fares sound great, but reduced revenue from ticket sales means that you’re going to have to make cuts elsewhere. You can only cut people’s pay so much before you don’t get the caliber of employee you want, and people generally don’t want to be blasted with advertisements everywhere they look and have to pay for every little convenience.

    Maybe the Mayor of Columbus will use some of the extra 0.005% tax rates the citizens are voting on in August to help fund another airline doomed to fail.

  7. boomerang86 says:

    We had Skybus at nearby Stewart Airport (Newburgh, NY) and they were a big hit while they lasted… which was about three months. Now SWF is down to eleven combined departures and arrivals a day, and passenger traffic is a third of what it was before Skybus tanked.

    Good luck, JetAmerica… you’ll need a LOT of it, aside from cheap Jet A fuel.

    • jamar0303 says:

      @boomerang86: Well, with oil going up again (and by association, Jet A) the first thing they should do is hedge fuel. Southwest should be doing the same right now since their fuel contract is nearing its end.

  8. B* says:

    I really loved Skybus. Flew them a couple times and no real problems other than long delays. And for their prices I was willing to wait. They got me home for my grandma’s 70th birthday party when otherwise I couldn’t have afforded to go.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Skybus was almost a good Idea, but they were really ill prepared and expanded way to fast without the technology and equipment. Oh and the American public demands way too much even when paying so little. Still that said, Southwest airlines really has it right, you don’t need to pay all those extra fees as long as your prices arent ridiculously low.

  10. Cindy Higginson says:

    Last night I opened my email to see that I had received something from Jetamerica. My daughter, grandaughter and I were going to New York City on July 14 to see my son who lives there. Guess what, because of a problem BLAMED on the FAA our flight was canceled. It is now too late to get other airline tickets at a reasonable price. Calling the Jetamerica help line was worthless. I was told that we ‘SHOULD’ see a credit on our credit card in 7 to 14 days. Not much help explaning to an eight year old there will be no trip to NYC. Oh, and did I mention the two broadway shows that we have tickets for at $150 a pop for 5 people. Yeah, I can’t wait to rebook with Jetamerica and wait for a new excuse and wait even longer for a refund