Consumerist/Consumer Reports Panel/Party Went Well

Our panel discussion last night was a huge success, and seemed to be enjoyed by all. For those of you who sadly could not attend, please enjoy these two fine write-ups of the event from FishbowlNY and the Wall Street Journal. To get an idea of what was said, here’s some folks who were Twittering the event using #CR as the hashtag. We’ll post video of the panel later. We’d also like to thank all the readers who made it out to Manhattan to say hello. It was nice to put some faces to log-ins.


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  1. bloggerX says:

    Great! When is the next one?

  2. AtConsumeristPanel_GitEmSteveDave says:

    I think I was sitting next to someone from the Wall Street Journal. BTW, great to meet you all as well.

  3. theblackdog says:

    This makes me wish I hadn’t missed out on catching you guys at Recessions last week. Damn parade planning meetings

    *goes off to grumble*

  4. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    Since I wasn’t there and several thousand miles south, and it’s nice attaching faces to the logins, I’ll have to admit that the login icon matches my face almost exactly.

    • MostlyHarmless says:

      @Applekid: I dont see a pic in the article. Did it get taken down?

      I see a pic on the frontpage, with Ben and that lady who used to write for HuffPo.

    • OnThe$20Coin_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @Applekid: I look almost exactly like my avatar, except I usually wear more in public as well as an LED nametag that scrolls ” *GitEmSteveDave “.

  5. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    All the more reason for me to move to NYC.

  6. OggJoshua says:

    Whoa, that Consumerist / Consumer Reports backdrop is cute.

  7. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    dangit it…
    dangit it all to HELL!!!

    I wanted to go. :(

  8. katieoh says:

    make the next one in the fall when i’m back at school, plz.

    it’s weird that i’m that excited about something involving consumerism.

  9. Tamar Weinberg says:

    Sorry I didn’t end up making it. I started my 30+ hours of labor during the panel from NY Presbyterian and gave birth to a beautiful boy the following night. :)