Isis Bridal Tells Woman With MS To Get Out

Ooo, you nasty! With your service animal! Get out of here! That’s the new informal slogan of Isis Bridal & Formal in Dallas after news broke that they kicked out a 62-year-old grandmother with multiple sclerosis, because they were worried her service dog would get service dog cooties all over the dresses.

The company has since indirectly apologized to the woman via a letter to the news station that broke the story (after first refusing to comment on the allegation at all). In the letter, the store’s owner assures the public that they welcome service animals “when they are leashed and well controlled so that our pretty wedding dresses and accessories are kept in good condition for customers.” There’s no mention of whether the woman’s dog was leashed or not, although the idea of a rambunctious service dog who doesn’t mind is just funny.

“Bridal store turns away woman with MS “ [WFAA-TV] (Thanks to Beau!)
(Photo: tom.arthur)

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