Blockbuster Busted For Overcharging Customers, Must Pay $300k

What do you do when the foundation to your business is crumbling and bankrupcty lurks like the Grim Reaper just outside your drop box? If you’re Blockbuster, apparently you charge customers more at the register than what’s displayed on the product, at least in California.

MSNBC reports,

The video rental giant agreed Monday to pay $300,000 in “civil fines and costs” as part of a ruling against them for unfair business practices, officials announced yesterday.


The civil complaint alleged Blockbuster stores in California charged customers more than the currently advertised or posted price on scanned items in violation of unfair competition and false advertising statutes.

Blockbuster was also “prohibited” from overcharging customers in the future, which we think would make a swell new advertising campaign for them: “Now with no sneaky markups at the register!”

“Blockbuster Fined for Defrauding Customers” [MSNBC] (Thanks to Anthony!)
(Photo: Felixe)

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