80% of Medical Bills Have Errors

Read those bills from doctors and hospitals carefully! According to a report cited by Consumer Reports Health, up to 80% of all such bills contain errors. CRH recommends insisting on an itemized bill — and reading it carefully. Some of the more common errors:

  • Incorrect dates of service – make sure you’re not being charged for a room on the day you were discharged from the hospital, which most plans don’t allow.
  • Inflated room charges including fees for incidentals like sheets and towels that should already be included in the room charge.
  • Duplicate fees for tests and procedures.
  • Human errors-one mistaken keystroke could result in the wrong billing code.
  • Inflated operating room time-your hospital should have an exact record of when your surgery began and ended.

Don’t pay for mistakes, check your medical bills carefully [Consumer Reports Health Blog]

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