Breaking $20 $50 At McDonald's? Get Ready To Show Some ID

Who pays for a six-piece McNugget with a $20 $50 bill? Counterfeiters, that’s who, and the McDonald’s near Madison Square Garden is ready for them. Sorry guys, you’re going to have to ask Wendy’s to anonymously break your shadily large bills.

Reader Jim writes:

I saw this sign on the wall at the McDonalds directly across from Madison Square Garden (12 Penn Plaza, New York).

I know that businesses can refuse to accept “large bills”, but rather than simply using a counterfeit-detection pen or UV light, they want ID?

Wouldn’t someone with the ability for forge currency find it easy to also make a fake ID for use when passing the forged bills?

Why was I in Mickey-D’s? Easy – I promised myself a milkshake after enduring the DMV at Penn Plaza.

The McDonald’s in Penn Plaza confirmed that the measure is meant to deter counterfeiters. According to them, most people hand over their ID without complaint.

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