Save Money On ProFlowers Roses, Re-Gift Last Week's Flowers Instead

Why pay for ProFlowers when you can get the same effect by dumpster diving for old arrangements that look just as good? Our reader Hakoken3 paid ProFlowers $92 so they’d deliver 18 roses to his girlfriend this morning on her birthday. He paid extra to ensure that the roses would be delivered by noon, and at 12:01 they showed up. Unfortunately, they were so wilted and near-death that they looked like hand-me-down flowers that some luckier person had thrown out.

I’m assuming there are millions of people using ProFlowers this weekend to send their mothers flowers. My girlfriends birthday is today and I decided to send 18 long stem roses (total came out to $92) to her office. I chose them because they are a preferred vendor at American Express and I saw something about the WSJ choosing them as well. I figured, “hey those reputable companies wouldn’t tag their name to a shitty floral service.”

So today, I’m tracking my order, waiting for a call from my girlfriend gushing over her beautiful bouquet of roses, but that’s not how the story would turn out. First of all, I paid an extra $10 early delivery fee (between 8-12) on top of all of the other outrageous fees they charge because I wanted her to get them first thing in the morning. The flowers arrived at 12:01PM. One other problem, the roses are all near dead upon arrival (let’s say DOA). I get a call from my girlfriend expecting her to tell me how wonderful I am, but instead I get a half hearted thank you and an explanation of how she received wilting roses. Now she’s embarrassed because her co-workers saw her receive dead flowers and I’m furious/embarrassed because I should have ordered from a local florist.

I went online to check review for this place and apparently, they do this all the time (should have done my homework). I did call them and demand a refund, which I received, but that’s a pretty shitty consolation to sending my girlfriend dead flowers. I would have rather spent $0 and not have dead roses sent to my girlfriend. I guarantee other people will have shitty experiences with them this weekend and they will need a forum to sound off. Thanks Proflowers for making me look like a huge douchebag on my girlfriends birthday.

We think Hakoken3 might have stumbled up on a great scheme to save yourself some money: order your next flowers from ProFlowers, then when they arrive in rotten condition, say, “I tried!” and get your money back. Then everybody is happy. Kind of…

(Photo: stark23x)

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