Congratulations! You Just Won A Scam!

Is there anything scammers won’t try in their attempts to disguise advance fee fraud? Nope. Chelsea and her husband just found out that OMG THEY JUST WON 350K!!!1! from the Gaming Association of America. They’ll be receiving their check shortly, but in the meantime the GAA has sent them a much smaller check for about $5,000 to cover any fees associated with the prize. All they need to do is contact the “non-government service tax agent (GST)” to take care of cashing and handing over that $5k, and they’ll be swimming with hookers in champagne-filled pools.

We can’t believe people still fall for this crap, but since they do, here’s yet another example of what to watch out for. Personally, we like the generic stamps at the bottom. They should have picked up a “CONFIDENTIAL” stamp at the office supply store while they were at it, for added stampy entertainment.

It’s a letter with a check enclosed, telling my husband that he’s a big winner in the Gaming Association of America. Luckily we’re both savvy on this and decided to send this into you, as well as call our local police department. This seems that it is coming from Canada and it’s hitting us [in Ohio]. Every bit of Googling I’ve done on this seems to point that this has only arisen over the last two days.

This is what it says:

sample scam letter

Tech City Global Services Inc.
1050 Revenue Avenue
Edmonton, AB T3L 2K4, Canada
Tel: 1-778-863-2655

April 30, 2009
Claim #: TCG/01823478 – 09

Final Notice

We are pleased to advise you that you are one of the winners in the “All American Sweepstakes Drawing” held among randomly selected individuals in North America in a bid to promoting family well-being. This drawing was held on April 24, 2009 (ironically when Chrysler was told to prepare bankruptcy filings) under the auspices of GAMES/ GAMING ASSOCIATION OF NORTH AMERICA.

An Entry Slip with serial number 4816794 attached to your name drew the lucky number winning numbers 11-67-48-55-23.

You are entitled to the sum of US $350,000.00 (Three hundred and fifty thousand dollars).

Payable to you by CERTIFIED CHECK, and will be delivered to you by you by our special courier company. You are advised to contact your Claims Agent:

LOVET FRANKLIN 1-778-863-2655

Monday through Saturday….8am… To….6pm (Pacific Standard Time), for further instructions on how to claim your big winnings.

Enclosed is a check of US $4985.00 to which you will be able to pay the non-government service tax agent (GST), payable to your tax agent by MONEYGRAM as stated below:

Tax agent: Julian Gifton
Block H, 9223 E. Revenue Ave.
Edmonton, AB T3L 8M6, Canada

Tax amount: US Money Gram or Western Union

DO NOT ACT ON THIS LETTER UNTIL YOU SPEAK WITH YOUR CLAIMSAGENT LOVET FRANKLIN who will advise you on the modalities of claiming your winnings.

Accept our congratulations.

James A. Gafield (Promotions Coordinator)
APPROVED (stamped) FINAL NOTICE (stamped)

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