Moms Don't Want Stuff This Mother's Day

An entirely unscientific ABC News poll of mothers shows that they would prefer some nice time with with their families to tangible gifts. I thought this was always the case, but apparently it’s an indicator of the recession or something.

Still, many of the women interviewed wished for less stress and more financial security as ideal gifts. You can’t buy that at Macy’s, either.

Mary Beth Niedermier, of Sylvania, Ohio, is married to an information technology manager for a Chrysler supplier. They were told last week that production would stop this week.

“My Mother’s Day wish is that I am able to keep everything normal for my family. I wish I could get my mortgage paid, health insurance paid, some bills paid and that my two daughters don’t understand how much our family is going to have to sacrifice to make everything work.”

What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day [ABC News]

(Photo: jonathanb1989)

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