Behold, The 6 Worst Airline Passengers of 2009

Yes, Rick Seaney of is rounding up the worst airline passengers of 2009 — in May. Maybe he’s optimistic and doesn’t expect the lady who drank all the hand soap from the lavatory to be topped in the many months ahead — or maybe he just wants to write a follow-up in December. Either way, we love it.

Here are 2 of the 6:

“Liquid Soap Lady”: A woman on a United flight allegedly took pills and alcohol, then tried to bite a crew member’s leg. She also reportedly drank down the contents of a lavatory’s liquid soap dispenser (apparently for its alcohol content). Her explanation to the cops: “I sometimes do crazy things.”

“Get Me Outta Here”: An American Airlines jet had landed but was still waiting for gate space when an impatient passenger decided, “Enough!” He opened an aircraft door, deploying the emergency slide that he then used to make his getaway. He was detained by the cops but so were all the other passengers because they had to wait for “slide removal” before the aircraft could get to the gate.

The Six Worst Airplane Passengers of 2009 [ABC]