Swine Flu Fanatics Kick Man With Sniffles Off Airplane

James says he got ejected from his United Airlines flight because he had a cold and some of the other passengers wigged out, fearful of becoming swine flu victims. His letter, and its surprise ending, inside…

I was rather angry at United after being thrown off of flight UA 938 because coughing and sniffles from my cold “made other passengers uncomfortable” — swine flu panic run wild, particularly from the passenger in seat 33F, next to me (who got moved away at his request, and some minutes later I was ordered to leave. The passenger in 33G was appalled when I was given the order to leave.)

However, United’s Denver employees, gate agent Brian Groscop and supervisor Mary Louise Taylor, turned this around. Not only were they level headed about the problem, but they also got me rebooked — onto a direct flight that got me home to Kansas City hours earlier than I’d expected! Upgrading my seat class put icing on the cake.

As a result of Brian Groscop’s and Mary Louise Taylor’s actions, I’m writing to compliment their dedication to service, instead of complaining that United 938 caved in to swine flu panic.

Better not fly with a cold or else the other passengers might rise up against you!

(Photo: macieklew)

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