Reach Executive Customer Service For Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T

Say you got a problem with your cellphone company and you want it solved, pronto. You’ve already called regular customer service and they’re either unable or unwilling to help you, or you’re just sick of waiting on hold. You’ve got things to do! That’s where executive customer service comes in handy. Just about every big company has a pack of these people who can basically walk on water within the company and get any problem solved. The key is reaching them. Naturally, you won’t find them in an overseas call center at the end of the 1-800 number. Rather, they’re attached to the corporate headquarters executive offices. Don’t worry, we did the hard part for you. Here’s up-to-date phone numbers for the executive customer service departments for Sprint, Verizon, T-mobile, and AT&T:

Be sure to 1) be nice and professional ! and 2) read our tips on what to say when you call.


845-365-7700, 908-306-6750, 910-794-6200

877-290-6323 Ex. 8025, 8025, 8024, 8023, 8021

Eastern States: 877-707-6220
Western States: 800-498-1912

(Photo: helgasms!)

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