Please, TGI Friday's, Stop Sending Me Welcome E-Mails

Dasha, the “savings” blogger at my former newspaper, signed up for the TGI Friday’s mailing list, hoping to receive deal notifications and coupons. She didn’t expect the volume of mail that showed up in her inbox before 6 AM.

She wrote:

Back to my story. I wake up this morning and see nothing unusual in my junk email box. However, when I logged in 10 mins ago I saw not one, not two… but eleven emails from TGIF! There was one email with “welcome gifts”, one email about their Cinco de Mayo celebration and nine welcome emails with a subject line “Welcome to Give Me More Stripes(TM)!”. I kid you not. Nine welcome emails, all nine absolutely identical ( I checked). To make matters worse, their graphics would not load right away. Although that’s a personal pet peeve I have, working in IT and all.

There’s such a thing as over-welcoming, you know. Companies, take note: this is a good way to persuade people to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

TGI Fridays sent me 11 emails in 2 hours [Times Union] (Thanks, Naomi!)

(Photo: navets)

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