Jiffy Lube Tries To Scam Yet Another Customer

Seriously, Jiffy Lube? You haven’t received enough bad coverage about ripping off your customers? Fine, here’s another one: Daniel says they tried to add about $170 in extra “needed” repairs and replacements recently when his girlfriend dropped off her car to get the oil changed. Even after she turned them down, they still slapped an extra $6 “Peak Global Life Time 100%” charge on the bill. We don’t know what that means, but those are all good words, and anything that’s 100 percent has got to be quality. Apparently Jiffy Lube doesn’t know what it means either.

I found your site a couple months ago and I have been reading it ever since. Thank goodness because it has prepared me for my next story. My girlfriend needed an oil change and she decided to go to Jiffy Lube [#1740, 3311 Katella Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA 90720]. After dropping off her car I wondered if there was anything on your site about the company. And lo and behold, there was a full investigation about Jiffy Lube scamming customers in the LA area. After reading the posts and watching the videos I decided that I was going to check the receipts and check the oil and filter after they were done.

After a few minutes my girlfriend got a call telling her that he needed to change out the radiator fluid that was $99 and that her belts needed to be replaced which was about $70. I told her that she should decline and that we would check it later with my mechanic friend. This made me even more suspicious. Then we got a call saying her car was done.

When we went down the service man Erick was going through the whole list of what the condition of her car was like. As in, the oil got changed, wipers were good, brake fluid is good, and so on. Then what blew me away was he said that the radiator fluid was full and that the belts were in good condition. (Oh really?)

After paying 75.99 for full synthetic oil (which is a rip off the begin with) I checked out the receipt on the way out. I saw a 6.00 charge was added for “Peak Global Life Time 100%.” I had no had no idea what it was so I went back in to ask Erick what this was. He told me that it was because they topped off the Transmission Fluid. I told him that they didn’t ask if they could do that and that they should not have done it without our permission. What he said next blew my mind. He told us that since she paid for it she had agreed on the service. I asked him if it was right to add things to our bill without asking and he just kept saying they topped the transmission fluid off.

Then when the tech who ACTUALLY serviced our car came over and said that he DID NOT top off the fluid his whole story changed. He says that it must have been a mistake and they forgot to take it off and that he would just refund the 6.00.

Daniel’s girlfriend split the bill with cash, but they wouldn’t refund the $6 out of the cash portion of her payment. Daniel adds, “They said their computer would not let them [refund the cash portion]. We will see if the refund actually gets into the account.

“One thing did actually go well during her whole ordeal. They actually changed the oil and filter.”

(Photo: Gregg Sperling)

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