Not Everyone Is Having a Financial Meltdown

For all the financial news of doom and gloom, the Money Crashers blog reminds us that not everyone is hit hard. In fact, they say that for every person struggling right now, there are a majority of people who are doing just fine in this economic climate (note: no data is presented for this claim, but it does sound at least directionally correct). As such, they list five money-related tips for those out there who are not struggling in this recession as follows:

* Don’t Be Complacent. Continue to save money and make career moves to make your job or business more secure.
* Continue to invest in the stock market. If you are under 55, investing in the stock market right now could help you recoup your losses and gain big if the market goes back to levels it hit last summer.
* Look at real estate investing. It’s no secret that there are huge discounts on real estate right now.
* Reflect on what you did right. Always remember the good decisions you made in the past, so you can replicate them in the future.
* Give To Others. Is there someone who needs help in your church, neighborhood, or at work?

We particularly like the last one. For those of you who aren’t struggling, we think it’s a good idea to help others — either with your time or your finances. We’re sure you know someone who needs a bit of assistance and would be so thankful for your kindness.

Five Money Tips For People Not Struggling During The Recession [Money Crashers]

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