Customer Wants To Know What Happened To CVS Extra Care Coupons

Any readers here who work for CVS? Maya wants to know what’s going on with the Extra Care coupons that are printed at the bottom of each receipt. Lately the clerks at her local CVS stores have been tearing something off the bottom of the receipt before giving it to her, and the coupons are no longer there. Coincidence?

She writes:

I’ve been using my CVS Extra Care card for the past year or so, and since I started using it, almost every time I shopped there I got a long string of coupons attached to my receipt, including one for $5 off your next purchase of $25. The last four times I’ve been to CVS (2 different branches), I haven’t gotten one of these coupons, and I’ve noticed that the clerk has been tearing something off from the bottom of each receipt and throwing it away. This made me sad, so I thought I’d e-mail Consumerist.

Are all branches discontinuing the $5 off coupons? Just mine?

Update: Hey Maya, a CVS employee and a CVS assistant manager have both chimed in with theories. Employee itrenorg suggests that the cashiers may be tearing off the portion of the receipt that asks you to complete a phone survey, and they’re trashing the coupon portion along with it. Jayphat, on the other hand, says they’re stealing from you and you’d better report it at the district manager level to ensure that the right people find out:

I am an assistant manager for CVS and I can tell you that these people are stealing from you. Turn them in. Don’t bother calling the store managers as it seems if they are doing it at 2 different stores, some type of collusion is going on. I would call the 1-800 -SHOPCVS and tell them you want this reported to the District Manager. I can tell you that yes those pesky $5 of $25 or more are still printing. If the store is newer or has recently been through a remodel, look for a price checker before you start shopping. This will print most of your coupons out.

As to how they could use coupons that are tied to your Extra Care card, he says, “They can always hand key it as a store coupon and say it wasn’t working for some reason. When it gets turned in, who’s gonna know the difference?”

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