How To Shut Webloyalty Down For Good

A retail insider tells us why Webloyalty/Reservation Rewards stays in business, and how you can stop them by cutting off their juice at the source:

The unfortunate thing with Webloyalty is that they manage to stay just this side of legal. The customer has to authorize the subscription to Webloyalty. The problem is they do this with a form that says “Give us your email address for $10 off your next order” and then stipulate that doing so authorizes the subscription and transfer of CC data. All of this info is available to the customer, they just don’t read it. Not defending these guys, but if memory serves it’s saved them before.

Their quasi-legal business is lucrative enough to be worth millions of dollars a year to their reputable affiliate retailers. If your readers want to complain, they should cancel their orders when they see the Webloyalty screen, inform the CSR that they cancelled because the retailer works with webloyalty, and reference those cancelled orders (with dollar amounts) in letters/emails to the corporate office/CEO. Even many legit retailers aren’t going to pass up the kind of money Webloyalty offers if it’s not painfully clear that they’re losing enough customers to make up the difference.

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