Watch Out For Scammy Swine Flu Email, Websites

How can you tell you’ve made it on the Internet? How about if you’re turned into spambait? MSN Money reports that scammers are taking advantage of the sudden interest in swine flu by using it in subject lines to get people to open messages and download attachments. Don’t do it! Tell your friends and relatives not to do it, either!

Watch out for “helpful” websites, too:

Also, be highly skeptical of unknown Web sites with the words “swine flu” in the domain name. Online security firm F-Secure reports that dozens of new swine flu domain names were registered in the last few days. F-Secure said some of these sites are already offering ways to “protect your family from this crazy flu.”

“Watch out for swine flu scams” [MSN Money] (Thanks to HogwartsAlum!)
(Photo: Dan4th)

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