Target Ships Clock in Box Fit For Human Habitation

We love to report on comically overpackaged mail-order items and Target’s reality vortex here, but I didn’t think that the two would coincide. A wedding gift that John and his fiancée received proved me wrong. In the photo are the gift, the box it was shipped in, and the lovely bride. Who fits in the box along with the clock. (Paging Dr. Seuss?)


It’s not nearly as bad as it looks, since the clock was also packed in a much-too-large box with plenty of packing material. John explained:

My Fiancee and I are registered at Target for our upcoming wedding, and some friends of ours were kind enough to get us a clock from Target online, and have it shipped to our house. We were quite perplexed by the gigantic box that showed up at our doorstep, since it was much too light to be any of the larger items we had registered for.

Opening the large outer box (with a magazine on top for a sense of size), we see the gift box that was included. (there were air packets inside the big box, around the gift box)

And inside the gift box (with a TON of tissue paper), was our clock.

I understand that the ‘Gift Wrapping’ added to the size of the packaging, but seriously, my Fiancee fit in the box, and still had room left for the clock! 🙂

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