Walgreens Pharmacist Sends Hand Written Thank You Note To Customer

Whether it’s rational or not, there’s something very satisfying when your pharmacist acknowledges you personally—it makes you feel like this expert you’re placing such trust in takes the job, and you, seriously. In our experience it’s a rare thing to see from pharmacists at chain drugstores, but Mike just had a great encounter with his Walgreens pharmacist when he moved to a new town.

I am stunned by what happened to me with Walgreens. I moved to a new town and needed a prescription and decided to go to Walgreens. I was pretty unfamiliar with the process for having a prescription filled and I received excellent service from the pharmacist. They answered all my questions and made sure I understood the precautions with taking the prescription.

That was all well and good but today, about a month later, I got something in the mail from Walgreens. It was a HAND-WRITTEN card written and signed directly by the pharmacy manager. It said “Thank you for choosing Walgreens for your recent prescription. We hope you will continue to use Walgreens for all your pharmacy needs.” She included her card and a Walgreens magnet. I was extremely impressed with this nice gesture and I absolutely will use Walgreens in the future for my prescription needs.

We don’t want to bring you down from your up-with-people high, but pharmacists pretty much have to explain how to take the drugs, Mike. However, the hand-written note is a really nice touch.

(Photo: freddthompson)

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