TiVo Warranty Charges $49 To Replace Defective Units After 90 Days

Sam emailed us with a complaint about TiVo: he says the customer service rep wants to charge him $50 to repair a defective HDMI port on his 5-month-old TiVo HD DVR. Sam can’t understand why he’d have to pay an additional, uncategorized fee when his box is still under warranty. We checked out the warranty details and called TiVo, and it looks like it’s a flat fee (the TiVo rep we spoke with said it was $49) that covers the cost of replacing the unit entirely—in other words, TiVo isn’t going to repair just the port and send it back to you. Note that this only covers boxes outside the first 90 days. If you’re still in the first 90 day window, replacement is free.

We’re not sure why the TiVo CSR couldn’t explain that to Sam over the phone, but now you know what to expect if your TiVo DVR goes all red-ring in its first year of operation.

“TiVo® DVR limited warranty” [TiVo]

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