Fans Beg The Cubs To Stop Playing Annoying Commercial Jingle At Wrigley

If one had a few hours free to try to list all the of the annoying commercial jingles from Chicagoland, one would be remiss not to include the locally-infamous “Luna” tune. If you’re not from Chicago, you do not understand the pain, but after the jump you will. Yes, you will.

Here is a Luna commercial.

The annoying jingle is at the end:

In case you’re not yet fully annoyed, try watching this story about Luna from WMAQ. They seem like nice guys:

Now the Cubs have entered into a deal with the company to play the jingle after every Cubs double. Reader Chris says this is causing him to have an unpleasant Pavlovian response whenever something good happens to the Cubbies.

It’s so loud that it can be heard over the telecast and throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

I’ve started to develop a Pavlovian response where I cringe every time the Cubs score a run. It’s gotten so bad that after I attended Wednesday night’s shutout loss to the Reds where the Cubs only had 6 singles, I was slightly happy because I never had to hear that jingle.

Cubs management told the Chicago Tribune that they were keeping the jingle because only “media and bloggers” were complaining.

“People understand that we obviously don’t want to get into the Jumbotron business and we don’t want to add 15 million signs all over Wrigley Field, and it’s with the understanding that 100 percent [of the advertising revenues] goes to player payroll,” he said. “It’s nothing new. We do it with home runs, stolen bases, pinch-hitters.”

He went on to say that people remember the Luna tune fondly, comparing it to Chicago commercial legends like Empire Carpet, Victory Auto Wreckers and Peter Francis Geraci. (Google them.)

Reader Chris disagrees, and has asked us to link his “Stop the Luna Jingle” petition. We are prone to post anything that mentions both awful Chicago commercials and our beloved Cubbies, so here it is.

Good luck, Chris. Boop boop boop boop. Luna!

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