You Curse At One Customer Service Representative, You Curse At Them All

Brad learned the hard way that asking a Chase customer service representative “WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH MY ACCOUNT?!” is not the best way to find out what the f*** is wrong with your account. Brad had fumbled a wire transfer that temporarily shut down access to his card. He called to restore access, but the card still wouldn’t work. At this point, Brad decided to curse at the CSR and hang up after being placed on hold for thirty seconds. When he called back, he was surprised to learn that the next CSR knew that he had just cursed at a colleague.

Brad writes:

I recently had a poor experience with Chase’s (formerly WaMu) credit/fraud division. See *the meat* to get to the point.


I entered the wrong address during a wire transfer and my account got flagged. I got a robocall that let me input a bunch of 1’s saying that yes, these were approved transactions. Done! Or so I thought.. I tried to swipe my card and get gas and got DECLINED. I called a CSR at the # they provided and after using your tip to get a real person (simply stay quiet and wait until they transfer you to a real person; they assume you are on a rotary phone) I was questioned extensively about my identity and the person said “OK NO PROB GO AHEAD EVERYTHING IS FINE”.

Then I went to buy $108 worth of groceries and swiped the card. DECLINED. I was livid.


I went home and called the # and after using the above tip to get a rep, I said “I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON WITH MY CARD!”. She told me not to use profanity and put me on hold. I waited no longer then 30 seconds until I got wise, hung up and dialed back to get someone new.


I called back and gave my basic info to a new rep. They told me they saw that I had previously called (no less than 30 seconds ago!) and used profanity at one of their operators. So it is in my file now that I am an official asshole. I have always tried to be kind to CSRs in the past because I can relate to their shitty job, but at this point I was beyond reproach and needed to vent! I am an adult, and so are they! If I want to curse I feel it is my right! Should your readers be wary of this, or is it our consumer-given right to demand “WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH MY ACCOUNT?!”

[EPILOGUE] After my tongue-lashing and a triple-assurance that my account is in working order and not flagged, I hung up. We’ll see what happens when I try to buy some smokes in a couple hours.

Companies keep notes on their customers, and if you curse at their CSRs, you’re going to be deservingly flagged as a troublemaker. We know dealing with companies can be infuriating. We all want to curse, but we’re adults, and the guy on the other end of the line didn’t cause your problem. Recognize that you’re dealing with a fellow person slogging through their day, and be nice. They just might go the extra mile to help you out.

(Photo: Lisa Brewster)

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