Landlord Asks Mother To Pay "Early Termination Fee" After Son Fails To Honor Lease By Dying

Debbie Eckert cleaned out her son’s apartment after he died in a February fight, but the landlord, CCRT Properties of Brookfield Wisconsin, thinks she should pay several months rent and an early termination fee. The Wisconsin Department of Consumer Protection says that CCRT can pursue the 24-year-old teacher’s estate, but that they have no right to heartlessly badger his mother.

“I thought they must not understand that Colin was killed. But no, they understood completely,” Eckert said.

She said the apartment’s property manager told her that they knew Byars had been killed. But the woman told Eckert the management company had been advised by their legal representative that they should go after the rent and fees.

“I said you might be able to do this, but should you do this?” Eckert said. The early termination fee makes her especially angry. “How was my son supposed to know he was going to be killed?” she asked.

Eckert says she isn’t upset. “I just wanted the community to know how ruthless and heartless these people were.”

Landlord demands dead victim’s late rent, fees [Kenoshaw News]
(Photo: Kevin Poirier)

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