ISP Donates to United Way to Make Up For Internet Outage

Reader Jon in Washington state has some issues with his ISP, Broadstripe. Namely, the periodic outages he experiences, and how the company decided to make up for the most recent one.

This week, he received this letter from the company:

He writes:

I have been told that if I expect my internet to be on 24/7, that I should probably sign up for a business account, because I occasionally work from home.

A couple of weeks ago, we experienced one of these outages, and received an apology letter from the Vice President of Broadstripe. In this letter, customers were told that instead of receiving a credit for the inconvenience, the company will be donating 10K to United Way to “show their commitment to the communities they serve.”

So basically instead of taking care of their customers, they took the opportunity to get a tax credit.

Donating money to charity after an outage instead of crediting customers for the downtime? It goes without saying that Tax Cat approves, but Broadstripe’s customers probably don’t.

(Photo: Sugar Pond)

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