Settlers Life Insurance Denies Claim For Widow Of Gunshot Victim Due To Pre-Existing Medical Condition

At Settlers Life Insurance, being shot in the back by unknown assailants is trumped by Hepatitis C, and they won’t pay your benefits. According to the lawsuit filed last week (pdf), Curtis McCraw held a life insurance policy with Settlers Life Insurance at the time of his murder in April 2008. When his wife Stephanie McCraw attempted to claim the Accidental Death Benefit, Settlers denied her claim because her husband had “a pre-existing liver condition.” We knew Hepatitis was bad, but we didn’t know it could pull out a gun and shoot you. We wonder if Hepatitis C is what really killed Kennedy.

“What’s a Pre-Existing Condition to Murder?” [Courthouse News Service] (Thanks to Chris!)
(Photo: Charles & Clint)

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