Please Do Not Expose Your Genitals To The Comcast Guy

A [Howell, Michigan] man was ordered to stand trial on charges he exposed his genitals to a computer technician trying to fix his slow Internet service.

People, this is not Comcastic behavior. It’s not even Comsensual. Just because you have slow Internet service it doesn’t mean you should make your own fun, at least not the kind that involves exposing yourself to a technician.

The technician testified that he went to Trikes’ Pinckney Road home Oct. 17, after Trikes complained his Internet service was too slow.

While at the defendant’s home, the technician said, Trikes began discussing pornographic Web sites that he had visited online as well as a sexually explicit video that he said he found in a gas station garbage can. The technician said he began talking about his date later that evening “to ease the uncomfortableness” of the situation.

However, the witness said, Trikes then exposed his genitals, which made the technician extremely uncomfortable.

A commenter on the Livingston Daily website notes, “I can see why the man got so excited – try getting any kind of service from the cable company these days. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to show your excitement.” We couldn’t agree more.

“Howell man set to stand trial for indecent exposure” [Livingston Daily] (Thanks to Ryan!)
(Photo: Rattibo)

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