Got A Verizon Installation Problem? Tell Us Where It Took Place

A Verizon employee read our recent post on the drilled wedding dress and wrote in with some advice for future tipsters, or really for anyone who’s trying to solve a Verizon-related problem in the future:

Might I make a suggestion for further Verizon Customer Issue articles? It would be helpful to know where the incident took place. As I’m sure you know, different parts of the county have different installation teams. Here in the New England region, installations are handled by real Verizon employees. Where in other areas, they contract installations to a third party that pass themselves off as Verizon. Also most regions have a VP email address for employees to help expidite such issues.

So if a Verizon employee such as myself sees an article such as this and it takes place in our area we’d be more than happy to help. Thanks for the consideration.

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